How to Understand the US Multiracial Society – Can it Change Our Future?

Phil and Sonya Thomas continue to fight their local school system. As they wait for the proceedings to begin, they feel the matter could have been avoided if their son’s teacher would have listened. Now, the matter has escalated to this. With their lawyer at their side, the parents watch as the principal defends the teacher: she was justified in labeling their son. The school system experts also support the teacher. Sonya Thomas struggles to reframe herself. “We don’t care what the experts say. It isn’t the school’s right to categorize our son. You are only looking at the outside.” She breaks down. “Why can’t you accept that our son isn’t white? He’s a black American.” The room gets quiet.

The US Dilemma

As many voters turn their attention to the presidential election, the media continues to remind us of race. With a white mother from Kansas and a black father from Kenya, Barak Obama makes us uneasy with his racial background. Some people view him as “too black” while others declare that he is just “not black enough.” Individuals with a mixed heritage betray our hidden beliefs and sometimes our prejudices. For example, rapper Kanye West in 2006 told Essence Magazine, “If it wasn’t for race mixing, there’d be no video girls.” Growing up in Louisiana, we lived with a one-drop rule. The one-drop rule holds that individuals with any degree of African ancestry cannot be white. In fact, it makes that person 100% black. In this narrow viewpoint, regardless of the race of the mother the child is determined black. Therefore, regardless of a person’s racial preference, society seeks to make its own judgment of an individual based on a person’s skin color. In most cases, society forces children to make a decision early in life. Shouldn’t we be free from societal racial classification? Let’s further explore this unique situation.

The Historical Perspective

During slavery and the Jim Crow Era, racial laws were developed to prevent intermarriage and co-mingling with other races. In the South, determining one’s race was a fact of life. The term “mulatto” was originally used to describe the union of whites and blacks. From 1870 to 1880, multatto included quadroons, octoroons, and all persons having any perceptible trace of African blood. Demographics are now changing in America. According to the US 2000 Census, there are 3.1 million interracial couples. In fact, one in every 20 children is born from a mixed-race heritage. Many people focus solely on black and white integration. However, this multigenerational movement is far more extensive. According to University of Michigan researchers, Asian Americans have the highest outmarriage rates among racial and ethnic groups (about one and a half million children under age 17 had one Asian parent and another non-Asian parent in 1990). Many of today’s most talented celebrities come from a mixed heritage. They include Dwayne “The Rock,” Johnson, Halle Berry, Vin Diesel, Derek Jeter, Rachel Smith, and Tiger Woods. For many Generation Xers and Millenniums, the formation of a multiracial society is normal. Many older Americans are not as comfortable with interracial mixing. However, they aren’t the only individuals dealing with racial problems. Many times multiracial children have a difficult time coping with a racially charged society. Charlotte Nitardy, in her article “Identity problems in biracial youth,” noted that biracial children have issues with racial identity problems. In many cases, biracial children are faced with choosing one racial group and rejecting the other in order to survive in society.

The Real Challenge

Are the old racial labels outdated for this multiracial generation? Anne Tsui and Barbara Gutek, authors of Demographic Differences in Organizations, maintain that there is still unrest about diversity. They explain, “Below the surface of increased activities and some apparent progress in diversity efforts by companies lie feelings of discomfort, frustration, confusion, and even anger, among women and men, ethnic minorities and the white majority.” Today’s children have little concept of segregated living. Dating outside of one’s race is pretty common in most communities. The US Census has been in charge of tracking the racial classification in this country. Clearly, checking one box or multiple boxes for one racial identification may not be practical now. In fact, because of interracial dating, social demographic changes, and individuals’ right to self-determine their racial preference, the census data may make little sense for the America of the future. Consequently, it may become a distant memory as the multiracial generation continues to expand across America. Unfortunately, society still wrestles with how to deal with this multiracial generation. Will America be ready for a multiracial president or a growing self-identifying multiracial generation? I am optimistic that we are ready. The clock is ticking on America.

Critical Thinking: Is ‘Climate Change’ Just Another Way For The Establishment To Enslave Humanity?

In recent weeks, a lot of ‘activists’ have been holding up traffic and laying on the ground, amongst other things, in order to get their point across. To these people, it is crystal clear that the planet is not in a good way, which is why they are going out of their way to get this point across to as many people as possible.

Naturally, not everyone has responded positively to what these people have been doing. One reason for this is that these people have caused a number of disruptions, making it hard for some people to get to work.

The Greater Good

Still, most of these activists could say that these people’s problems do not matter in the grand scheme of things. In their eyes, looking after the planet is going to be far more important than whether or not some people are unable to get to work.

Some of the people who have been put out in this way may view these people’s behaviour as extremely selfish and even childish. But, if these people were to think about the big picture, they may find it easier to understand why these activists are behaving in this manner.

The Downside

It could be said that the people who have been causing all these disruption are passionate about this cause, and that this is a good thing. After all, if they didn’t feel this way they probably wouldn’t do anything.

At the same time, due to how passionate they are it can make it hard for them to think rationally. Yet, while this is so, most of these people could be so certain about what they are doing that their passion probably won’t be seen as something that could have a negative effect.

No Grey

If someone is an activist, they could say that it is patently obvious that human beings are destroying the planet. Furthermore, they could have a clear idea about what needs to take place for the planet to recover.


Most of mainstream media outlets are also in full support of what they believe, providing them with additional validation. To top it off, there are also a number of ‘celebrities’ who are on board with this view.

Good or Bad

So, if someone goes along with the view that what is happening to the planet is solely the result of what human beings have done – and are doing – and goes along with the solutions that are put forward by the mainstream media and the establishment, it will mean that they care about the environment and they are a ‘good’ person. If, on the other hand, they don’t believe that it is purely the result of what human beings have done – and are doing – and don’t go alone with the solutions that are put forward by the mainstream media and the establishment, it will mean that they don’t care about the environment and they are a ‘bad’ person.

There has even been an attempt to censor anyone who questions the official narrative about why the planet is the way it is. It wasn’t that long along ago that the official term was ‘global warming’, only be changed to when it become clear that nature wasn’t playing along with the ‘scientific’ evidence.

A Big Red Flag

One then has to wonder what the hell is going on, if the establishment is trying to make it a crime to question the official narrative. Being able to question things is not just part of living in a free society; it is also a vital part of finding out what is true and what isn’t and taking the appropriate action.

To describe someone who doesn’t go along with the official narrative as a ‘climate denier’ or anything else is very strange. It is almost as if certain people are trying to hide something and, fearing that this will be revealed, they need to do everything they can to control what the citizenry believe.

The One Thing in Their Favour

What has undoubtedly helped the establishment to convince so many people to buy into a certain view is that the planet is not in a good way. Thanks to this, the average person can simply look around them or watch the news, for instance, and believe that it is apparent that human beings are the only problem.

Due to what someone like this sees with their own eyes, there will be no reason for them to question what they are told day in, day out. Nonetheless, just because the planet is not in a good way, it doesn’t mean that it is purely due to what human beings have done or that there is only one way to solve this challenge.

The Big Deception

On the surface, then, it can appear as though it is all about saving the planet; when in reality, this is just an illusion. One thing that the establishment understands is that they can’t implement their plans directly; if they were to do this, there would be too much resistance.

Knowing this, they need to create a situation where the majorly of people will demand a certain outcome. Take manufactured terrorism, for instance, this has allowed the establishment to take away peoples freedoms, and this has taken place without needing to use any kind of force.


Climate change provides the people behind the scenes with another way to round up the masses and to gain even more control in the process. One way to describe these people would be to say that they are energy vampires, and this is due to the fact that they can only survive by taking everyone else’s energy.

Being out of touch with their own essence and being caught up in their minds delusions, makes them dependent on other peoples energy and it gives them the view they have the right to control others. Taking this into account, the more people there are who can’t think critically and are controlled by their emotions the better it is for these people.